3 Things To Know About Indoor Air Pollution

There is a lot of concern about the environment and the negative effects of air pollution. Did you know, however, that indoor air can also become polluted? To help you better understand this, here are three things you should know about indoor air pollution. 1. Know What Causes Indoor Air Quality to Become Poor According to statistics, indoor pollution can be 10 times worse than the outdoors. The air inside becomes polluted because of the heavy amounts of chemicals and other kinds of irritants that get released inside. Read More 

3 Tips To Make Standing Up From The Seated Position Easier

There are many conditions that can make standing up from the seated position difficult, such as arthritis or weakness of the leg muscles. Making a few changes to your living space can make the simple task of sitting and standing easier. Build A Better Bed When getting out of bed is difficult, there are several changes you can make to your mattress and foundation to make the task easier. Depending on your height, you should invest in a high-profile box spring, which can make your bed several inches taller. Read More 

Common Questions About Hearing Aids Answered

A hearing aid can be an important device for compensating for a loss of hearing acuity. However, patients will often find that they are unsure of what to expect from wearing these devices. Without this experience, patients will be unable to effectively make decisions about addressing their hearing loss. Is It Necessary To Have A Hearing Aid In Both Ears? Patients will often be hesitant about wearing a hearing aid in each year. Read More 

Benefits And Uses Of Home Dialysis Machines

Dialysis used to mean going to the hospital, getting hooked up to a machine, and sitting for hours while the machine cleaned impurities from your blood. If you were required to do this more than three times a week, it turned into a lot of time where you were traveling to and from the hospital and just endlessly sitting as quietly as possible. You had to plan your entire life around your dialysis treatments. Read More 

What A CSTD Is, And What Drugs A CSTD Pharmacy Provides

A CSTD is a Closed System Transfer Device. It is a means by which liquid medication is injected directly into the blood stream, often through an IV-type of situation but without the use of needles. It is considered "closed" because medications cannot be drawn without first locking the device onto the medication bottle. Not a single drop of medication is wasted or lost because the device does not allow the bottle to leak. Read More